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We are passionate about helping people and organizations optimize their potential. Toward that end, when we have resources to share that may be helpful and informative to you, we will make them available here for you. Get in touch with us if you have questions about any of these resources, or if you would like to talk with us about helping you optimize your potential.

“Michael is extremely generous in sharing his knowledge with peers and clients … He always took the time to impart best practices in learning and development to me and to connect me with resources and inspiration.”
– Director of Leadership Program, National Association

Case Studies

Rebuilding Trust in a Geographically Dispersed Team

The Situation:

Trust and relationships had broken down in a team whose members were in three different locations. A series of events had resulted in staff refusing to speak with one another or cooperate on important organizational projects. The team’s work was critical for the organization’s operations, and the situation was beginning to have a wider effect across the organization and its partners.


Unleashing Results for Groups Tackling Wicked Problems
We introduced our experience working with groups that don’t always (or often!) agree with one another, but have to find a way to get together in order to address the complex, messy (“wicked”) problems that are facing them. We shared lessons from our work with one group of organizations, which has resulted in international recognition for what they achieved together. We also described the practical tools that everyone can use to help their groups develop shared understanding and commitment on the way to achieving breakthrough results.
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“Business Acumen”
describes the business competencies that successful nonprofit organizations require among their managers and staff.
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“Using Managerial Transitions to Build Stronger Teams”
describes 10 ways a new manager can engage their leadership team to strengthen their organizations.
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“I See What You’re Saying” – Working with Visuals in Virtual Meetings”
describes a creative way of combining a desktop display with a Video Conference to help participants in a strategy meeting have a rich dialogue.
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Designing Interactive Meetings and Events
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Building Trust into the (Virtual) Strategic Planning Process
Michael was a panelist during the webinar on Building Trust into the (Virtual) Strategic Planning Process, hosted by Powernoodle Inc. Michael described our work on using virtual meetings with the Powernoodle tool to build trust among groups working on strategic national issues.

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